Monday, January 12, 2015

"All I want to do is lay on the couch because I've been solo all afternoon and evening.  I can't even lay on the couch without being pounced on by both boys simultaneously! So I proceed to my bedroom and think that will be even better bc I don't have to watch the 10th episode of Paw Patrol! =( However they follow me and my 3 year old begins a pillow fight, in which myself and my 18th month old are not in the mood for.  We all go back to the couch and I think of your blog.  I felt this was a type of real, raw stuff you want moms to relate to.  Side note: I haven't had a shower today and sadly I don't have the energy to even sit in a bath after the boys go to bed bc I simply want to go to sleep ASAP!"
"Well so far this has been an ok day with the 3 reds…But here is my everyday look! And yes I am in sweats (maternity ones and I'm not even preggos!!!) =)"

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