Thursday, January 8, 2015

This is me.
If someone were to ask me to describe motherhood, it would go a little something like this… A beautiful whirlwind of bliss, joy, euphoria, excitement, and pure happiness. I often say that the love I feel for my children is a tiny glimpse of the love that God feels for us. And for me, this is all very true. But with all of these amazing gifts, I still have hard days. Days that I describe as being "in the trenches." These are the days where I feel overwhelmingly tired, hungry, unkept, emotional, and somewhat defeated. These days are filled with my precious children climbing on my face, spitting up, needing diaper changes (usually at the same time), begging to open the finger paint, wanting a snack (particularly something we no longer have in the pantry ), crying for a bottle, and of course giving a dose of Tylenol from the sudden fever or virus that attacks.

 Yes, these days can be rough, but I have found a few coping mechanisms that have lightened the load mentally. One of which is a sense of humor. Laughter CAN TRULY be the best medicine. In order to cope with my "in the trenches" moments I turn to SELFIES. Yes…selfies. Not your typical duck face, I'm so sexy selfie, but the "this is currently what is going on in my world" selfie, and it's not so pretty. I generally stop myself in the moment, snap the picture, and send them to a close friend in hopes that she will relate. I almost always get a similar response along with a BAHAHAHAHAHA attached. My "in the trenches" moment turns into a laughing session and I no longer feel so alone; which is why I have started this blog. I believe there is a sisterhood among those who have been "in the trenches," and I believe we should share those days and moments with one another because it is a lot easier to get through a tough spot when someone is doing it with you.  So I call on YOU.  I call on you to help others by sending your not so pretty "in the trenches" photos to  Please help spread the word.  I believe this will help stop the glorification of the perfectionism of motherhood.  Or maybe bring a smile to a struggling mother on a hard day.

This is me on baby.

Wow. No words for this ensemble.


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